Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Wild Side

Many of you know that I have a mini wild side. I like to do crazy thing once in a while. And since I have been riding the crazy train lately, I did a really crazy thing....

I got a new tattoo.  My cousin-in-law did it for me and it is awesome! It hurt like a thousand cats were scratching me at the same time. I gritted my teeth, would grab Greyson and hug him tight and he would say "Spring, you're squeezing me!" So I would let go. He then asked me, "Does it tickle?" His mommy answered that it felt like kitties licking with their tongue. I said more like kitties claws.

My mom was mad, but that was to be expected, even though I am as close to 40 as I am going to get with out actually turning 40.

Now this gorgeous tattoo is ITCHING like crazy!  I can't wait to get home from work and take my shoes and socks off. It's 37* out and I am wearing flip flops, of course that is no different from any other time.

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