Saturday, June 2, 2012

Broken Hearted

It has been a struggle these last few weeks after decided not to go through with the adoption. It was one of the hardest decisions I have had to make. I miss those sweet little boys so much! Last night I dreamt of them, I was hugging the younger one, crying nd telling him to remember that no matter what, I love him with all my heart. I don't know where the older one was,but I woke up sobbing. The team for these little boys has not been very honest or professional. The caseworker does not return phone calls in a timely manner. She has left both me and the foster mom in the dark. I am really disappointed in this whole process. It's actually an oxymoron. They really don't care if children find home with good families. But as much as I am hurting, it those sweet little boys who will suffer. They have been through so much already. And it is part of the states fault too. It took 78 calls to DCFS before they removed them from the home. They are just as guilty as the birth parents are. I still pray that there is a way for this to all work out. I also pray that I cam mend my broken heart. I pray that I still have a chance to have children.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Sweet....Ride

Even though totaling my car was not the plan I had, I know it was a blessing.  I went car shopping for a week, had several deals in place and then they didn't work out.  By the way, don't ever buy from Low Book Sales or have a loan with Prime Acceptance.  They are all owned by the same guy who is not honest in his dealings and doesn't keep his end of the bargain.  I believe his name is Ryan White...  So after he didn't keep his end of the agreement, I went to Larry H.Miller in Riverdale.  It took some work, but I got a car, and not just any car....  It is a brand new 2012 Dodge Caliber that had 3 miles on it.  It is so nice and comfy and of course smells so NEW!!!  One of the best the free 1 year trial of Sirrius Radio!! Woo Hoo!!!  And I get free carwashes when my sales person is working, which by the way He is so awesome!!  SO if you are looking for a new car, go see John Kramer at Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Dodge in Riverdale!!!  Plus the GM is also my Bishop...Who knew?

Meet Sassy
She is one HOT girl!!

So as of today when I got home from work, she had 1076 miles on her....( Sniff sniff tear)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A sweet...wreck

Well I can now let the cat out of the bag, for those of you who do not already know, I am adopting 2 awesome boys ages 10 and 12. They are the best things in the world! I just love them so much and I can't wait to become a little family. They don'tknow yet, but we will tell them soon.

Yesterday I was driving home from work, this 1998 truck slammed its breaks on in front of me and I couldn't slam mine on fast enough. How I walked away from this accident is a miracle of its self. I have sore shoulder and neck and now no car...which isn't good for my job since I work 40 minutes away. But thank goodness I was smart and added gap insurancea and car rental. Right now I am driving a 2012 Mazda 6 with 6200 miles on it. It is a sweet ride.... I really want one, but I will be lucky if I get anything with a decent payment or mileage to replace my heap of junk.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Change Is A Comin...

I know it has been so long since I have posted....AGAIN!  I don't what the problem is, except I am so darn busy with my new salaried job, so that means I work 50-60 hours a week. Plus I am still getting ready for my new arrivals.

I am the new Day Program Coordinator for Rise Services in South Jordan.  It really is going to be a great job once it is cleaned up and running smoothly. I also will quit pulling my hair out once I learn how to do all this stinking paper work.  It really makes me want to drink....and drink.....and drink some more.

It has to do with training.  I need to do it the work as I am being shown, kind of like when you are driving and someone is telling you where to turn.  She doesn't get it.  I try to understand what she tells me, and I think I do, but then when I go to work on it, I am lost.  So you can see where the drinking comes in.

I have only been there four weeks and I have already fired two people and hire four new ones.

Now what I am going to tell you can't be made up and it is indeed the truth and I have lived through it. On Monday we arrived at Mrs. Cavanaugh's chocolate factory around 10:30 am.  We weren't there five minutes before it happened.

First one of my guys wet his pants and left a trail across the floor. Then the autistic girl, threw herself on the floor and crawled under the table, she sat there a minute and the next thing I knew, she pulled her pants down and ripped her maxi pad out of her underware. And then finally the cute little old lady had to go to bathroom, which she didn't to get to in time and had poopy pants.  I went up to pay our fee and the lady said "we will just do the condensed version so don't worry about paying."

We were in the vans and on our way back to the center at 11. 

Needless to say, I think we have been banned from Mrs. Cavanaugh's

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Uh Oh...

It is almost the end of January 2012 and I have blogged once so far. I really can't tell you where my month has gone. There is a big life change coming for me in a few months. I can't give anymore details or the time being, some of you know, some of you have some kind of idea, and then there are some of you who have no clue what I am talking about. There are clues on my Facebook page. I will say, I have wanted this as long as I can remember.

It is time again for the yearly reminder that I am yet again still undeniably single. Is it a choice? Might be...NOT!

I hate going to stores to see how commercialized ths holiday, like every other holiday has become. I hate seeing couples kissing and hanging on each other in public. I have to literally bite my tongue to keep from blurting to anyone in ear shot and the offending couple to "get a f-ing room!"

I mean really, there is a time and place for that, and it ain't while waiting in line for your food. So dude, get your hand off her a$&!

Another reason I hate Valentine's day is it is a reminder that I have another freaking birthday coming. Ugh!

Every year I say I want to do something way fun for my birthday, and it never seems to work the way I imagine it. Lol!

So I am looking for suggestions, ideas, or surprises lol!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valentine's Day Swap

I decided to take January off for swapping. So now that I am ready to start again. For February, I thought we should get a little more creative. A valentine's day table runner. You can make as simple or as intricate as you want. And as always tuck ins to go along with the table runner.


So the rules for the swap are as follows,

1. Your table runner should be Valentine's day related. You can re-make an existing table runner or sew a brand new one. A min of 3 tuckins, more are fine.

2. Your package should be sent out no later than February 14th. Its best if you send it priority, the boxes are free at the post office and it isn't too expensive. Its needs to have a tracking number. Please email it to your partner and to me.

3.Please be considerate of each other and keep a line of communication open. If you receive an email from your partner, please reply back in a timely manner.

It's very important you let me know if and when you send and receive your package.mmespeially if you don't get one.

Sign up goes until the 20th of January.