Tuesday, November 29, 2011

True Creative Story As Told By My Brother Adam

"Cover your heads people!" My six year old Toby exclaimed as we approached Walmart.
"Prepare for battle". 
This was his war cry as he wrapped the top of his head in his jacket.

"What is the problem?"  I relented as I tried to herd our four kids all under 
10 years old into the tire and lube center.
"It's them."  He pointed skyward.  "The pigeons.  Don't scare them. Pigeons 
poop when you scare them.  They can't help it!" 
My eight year old Aiden, was nodding in agreement. "It's true, he's right."

Delaney my two year old added "Ew poop, Ew poop" to anyone; family, 
onlookers, spectators other customers or workers. 
She was a toddler sized FEMA broadcast. 
The customers were obviously split into two groups in front of me. 
Those who have bright, out going children, who speak their minds 
and those who have the same but often hate that they have quite so many.
Thanks to PBS kids my sons had become savants  to the pigeon 
gastrointestinal process.
"They're mating"

"They are NOT mating" I declared while I swept my youngest and only girl, 
Delaney aka Princess aka Princess-cuts-a lot (the latter due to her prowess
with a plastic sword, often backing her older brothers in to corners 
with none to playful swipes of a hard plastic blade). 
Aiden was still shaking his head, as if to indicate to his brothers how little 
dad really knows about pigeons and their mating habits.  
In mid swoop the soda can in my hand got caught up in the momentum 
and a portion flung out on to the ground and on to my ten year old, Lucas.  
"What was that?"  Lucas exclaimed, True terror iced his words. 
Luke's body was frozen in fear of foreign urea.  He was checking his dampened 
shirt like a soldier searching for flesh wounds after a fire fight.  
"My soda spilled a little Luke" I said.
"Oh, thank goodness, I thought it was a pigeon peeing on me."  Apparently,
nothing fills a ten year old boy's nightmares quite like the thought of pigeon 
urine coming in contact with clothing and skin. 
You'd be forever known as the kid who got peed on by pigeons. 
That is a story that does not easily die, that's the stuff of urban legends
and local torment.
Delaney looked at his dampened shirt and up at her eldest brother's relieved face. 
She pointed and delivered. "Eww poop"

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here we are again...

I can't believe we have arrived at the holidays again. It is a little scary how fast the year goes.

It just seems like yesterday, I was 20 years old and driving cross country to move to Minot North Dakota. I lived there for six years before moving on to Utah, which is where I have been for the last 10 1/2 years. I honestly never thought I would live in Utah of all places. But I love it. What I don't like about it is the single life.

I often think what my future holds for me here. The future I have dreamed about for as long as I can remember is getting harder and harder to see. Outside of Utah it isn't unusual for someone my age to still not be married, it fact it is the norm. But inside Utah it is a social foopa. Also inside of Utah, the men here only want trophy wives.

I try to stay positive, that it will work out for me and I can still have the life I have dreamed of for so long. It is getting harder and hard all the time and I worry about it more and more. But I also know what I want and I am not willing to settle.

I love Sugarland. I saw them in concert in August and it was a great concert. So I immediately went out and bought their CD. Now I haven't bought a CD in years. So that tells you how much I like their music. Anyway there is a song called "Every Girl Like Me". Here are the lyrics:

Up in the mornin I'll be your coffee cup
If you drink me down I will fill you up again
And if you don't think that's enough....
I'll be the prize on the back of the cereal box
and the key that you found that you thought that you lost and
I'll be the why to your because

Because I, I, I am not perfect
But I, I, I, I know I'm worth it
And I, I, I gotta believe, there has to be a you
For every girl like me.

I'll be the candy that feels like a firecracker pop
And the toy on the cake with the chocolate top and
and if you look a little closer....
I'll be the steam on the grate as it floats in the air
Or the whisper you made from a secret you shared and
Your favorite song that's never over

Because I, I, I am not perfect
But I, I, I, I know I'm worth it
And I, I, I gotta believe, there has to be a you
For every girl like me.

I like, I like, I like, I like, I like, I like,
Hot french fries and red balloon ties too
Your hoodie hangin down, the street lamp on the corner of a
One way, one way or another gonna get you too
Two times I take another look at the hat in the seat
And the wrapper you found and the flavor beneath of the tootsie pop drop don't stop cause I'll be your favorite
Are you free tonight, stop by if you like, if you might want to
I don't mind, I don't mind
You will see it's me I believe you could be, be the right one you
For every girl like me

So I still keep trying to believe that there is someone for a girl like me.

I am fun, loving, caring. I have a great sense of humor, I love to laugh. I am a really good cook. I am a gorgeous BBW. I have a lot to offer someone!

I am not will to compromise my values because he isn't thinking with the correct brain. There is more to a relationship than the physical side. And there is a time to introduce that in relationship. not the first time we go out.

I truly am thankful that I was raised in the Gospel. I am truly thankful that my parents and aunts and uncles and even my brother and sister-in-law have the kind of marriages they have. I know what I want in a partner.

So to all the guys out there who never gave me a chance, "Your loss! You have missed out being a with a great person!"

Saturday, November 12, 2011

About Me

  1. What are your hobbies?  Reading, writing, designing, swapping
  2. What are your favorite colors? Pink
  3. Do you collect anything?  Dragonflies and cupcakes
  4. Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? no
  5. Do you have any pets? 4 dogs
  6. Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate? tea and chocolate
  7. What do you like to read? paranormal, motivational
  8. Do you prefer Cookies or Candies as a sweet?  both
  9. What is your favorite holiday treat? home made candies
  10. Describe your favorite holiday tradition.  getting together with the family, cooking all kinds of food, sitting around talking and laughing
  11. Did you believe in Santa as a child? yes
  12. When do you open presents? Christmas eve
  13. Do you put up a tree and when?  If not, how do you celebrate? as close to christmas as possible
  14. Does your tree have a theme? sometimes
  15. What has been your favorite gift to give?  to receive? I love giving gifts.  Favorite gift was my mac computer and iPad

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Ghost Hunting

I can't believe I have not written about my latest ghost hunt.  It was fun to say the least, and when I was all ghost out, I hid under a blanket in the car.

We met Lisa's friend John, who she used to work with and headed out to Blue Creek UT, which is supposed to be an old railroad ghost town.  But one problem with hunting for a ghost town in the dark, chances of find said ghost town, pretty much impossible.  At one point my ghost radar said "waste drive"  And that it was, a wasted drive north. 

It was too early to head back, especially being unsuccessful, so John told us about the Willard/Brigham City Cemetery. AS long as you aren't doing anything bad you can be there after dark.

The cemetery had some really old headstones from the 1800's, so old you could not read some of the engravings.  John had an EMF reader that kept going crazy and had us running around trying to find the source.   I kept seeing a dog (shadow) running amongst the grave sites.  I also saw a man in white walking.

There was one section of the cemetery that was really creepy and felt heavy and dark, while the rest of it felt light and not creepy.

After we spent a couple of hours there, we went to the Indian School, which is an old army hospital from World War II.  It was then turned in to a boarding school for Navajo children. Then became a school for multi-tribal children.  It is rumored that the head master was a sadistic abusive man. You aren't allowed to go in the buildings, but you can walk around on the streets.  Theses buildings are huge and all connected.  I couldn't get out of the car to look around the school, it was very eerie and freaky. But while I sat in the car, the building across from me had a shadow man squatting on the roof, he would get up and go over to the other side and then come back and resume his stance.

We got home around 1:30 in the morning, tired and cold. It was an interesting experience, one that I want to do again.  Anyone interested in going, the next time we go, let me know.

Some of Our Little Witches

Here are a few of the Little Witches I have gotten so far. 

If you haven't sent me a picture of your witch yet, please do it and I will add her to the  post!!

Make sure you check out the new swap for November!!

Swaps--New and Old

So everyone should have received their little witch by now. Unfortunately, I don't think I will get one since I can not get a hold of the person who had me as her partner.  But its not a big deal.  If you have not gotten your little witch yet, email me and I will find out what is going on.


The new swap for  this month is going to be.....

A Hot Chocolate and Tea swap...

The idea is to find different kinds of teas and hot chocolates to send to to your partner as well as a cute mug and several different tuck ins.  Should be easy enough right?  Sign up for this swap starts Nov 2nd to Nov 9th.

What I need from you is...

Phone Number
Facebook or blog name
If you drink black tea or herbal tea or hot chocolate. You can also drink both tea and hot chocolate  :)

Some of my friends are LDS also and don't drink tea.

For December's swap, We are going to do stockings, they can be hand made, or bought and decorated.  I will send more details out at the end of this month.

If you have questions or ideas, let me know.