Saturday, February 15, 2014

School has begun!

I am half way through my first semester of school. I am going to BYU Idaho. I love it! There is lots of homework but I am managing. The hours of homework is supposed to be 9-12 hours. There is no way I get homework done in that amount of time. I am doing home work 7 days a week for hours. I also picked up another class that I am not receiving credit for, but I am proving to myself that I will be able to add another class next term.  I am going to school for Family and Marriage Studies, then I will get my Masters in Social Work so I can be a Clinical Counselor and Social Worker.

BYU Idaho is a LDS based school which uses then Gospel Principals as a foundation. It is different, and I always said I would NEVER EVER go to BYU! Never say never!  But I like having the Gospel in my life everyday.

I am still working at Desert Industries. Sometimes I am so ready to find another job, but then I remember I am still doing the Lord's work. I also keep being reminded why I am there. Its hard though. But I can do anything for a little while.

I am grateful for the blessings I receive as I work there. I am grateful for the people I have met working there. I have learned so much and have been helped through a lot of things.

I am thankful for all these opportunities to better my life.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

My 21 "Need" Things

I need:

  1. Journals--I love journals because I like having them and there are some really cool ones. They help make me feel complete.
  2. Color Pens-- Ones that write vibrant colors and nice!  It helps writing in the journals.
  3. Pillow Cases-- Next to my sweet little animals I love pillowcases that are crisp and clean and smell good. Ones with polka dots or bright solid colors are even better.
  4. Big Reuseable Cup with Straws--  Big Reuseable cups that have straws are great for work and easy to identify as mine. 
  5. Zombies-- They are the love of my life! I love anything zombie!!!  They are the best! One Sunday left until The Walking Dead is back.
  6. My Fur Babies-- I can not live with out my fur babies! I wish I had a way to rescue all animals and keep them safe!
  7. Perfume-- I love to smell good and perfume is the best besides clean clothes washed in downy and bleach.
  8. Hobo bags-- So I can carry my school books with me to work since all I do is home work, I can sling them over my head and shoulder and go.
  9. Minke-- I love minke!!  I loved softy things even as a baby. I think I love them even more now.
  10. Barnes and Noble-- I love B&N!!!  I love books!!! Electronic and paper. Reading takes you away to different worlds.
  11. Babies-- I absolutely love babies. There is not like kissing a chubby baby cheek and having him press his face into you for more. I can't wait to have my own.
  12. My Heavenly Father--  I am nothing with out him.  He is leading me where I need to go, helping accomplish goals I never thought I could do and teaching me in so many ways.
  13. Blank Cards-- I love to have sweet and inspirational cards that I can send to my friends just because.
  14. My electronics--- All Apple mind you...once you go Mac, you never go back!
  15. Socks!--I love to wear no show socks that don't match! Particularly no show black socks with colorful toes and heals!
  16. Chocolate-- Sometimes there are days that only chocolate will fix!
  17. Crafts-- I love to do my wood creations crafts! I can sit and do them all day long and be very relaxed.
  18. Cricut Machine-- I love cutting vinyl and creating quotes and signs for friends and family.
  19. Sasquatch Angry Beef Sticks-- I just love them....hands down!
  20. Lava Hot Springs-- What a way to relax on a cold winter day in hot natural spring water! Its the best!
  21. I forgot the best thing ever!  DRAGONFLIES! I love everything dragonfly. I need dragonflies!!!