Thursday, October 27, 2011

Little Witch Swap Deadline

Ok ladies, our deadline was yesterday!!  SO let me know if you sent your little witch off!!  Also take pictures and send them to me so I can post it on my blog!!!

Any questions, concerns, ideas, just let me know!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

18 Years Ago...

My grandfather, or "Paw paw " as we all called him, was the sweetest, kindest man ever.  He was a friend to all and everyone liked him.

There were many times my Gram would send me outside to get him and I could never find him because he was in the bushes talking to the neighbor.

He went to all my high school basketball games. Talked to me about going to college.

We would to go to Branson MO. before it was a popular place, to go camping.

During my senior year in high school, I stayed with my grandparents during the week.  When my PawPaw didn't have to work, he would pick me up from school and we would go meet Gram and go to dinner and a movie.

He would sit on our couch and hold my mom's big black 70lb standard poodle in his lap.

One day after he had been going through radiation, he had not had an appetite, I came home with a pumpkin blizzard, I said "Here Pawpaw, try this.  He took a bite and ate the whole thing.
It wasn't too much longer after that day, my hero was gone.

I have so many cherished memories of my time with him.  I was lucky, I had him the longest.

Sometimes it feels as if it were yesterday, other times it feel like forever.

I'll love you forever,
I'll like you for always
For all eternity,
My Pawpaw you will be.

I love you Pawpaw

Rudolph "Rudy" Mueller Jr.
March 28, 1931 - October 24, 1993

Monday, October 24, 2011

Little Witch Swap

The little witch swap is going well.  Few of the ladies didn't get their partner swap info, but other than that everything is running smoothly.

I am planning on a Christmas swap real soon.  I will let you all know as soon as we wrap up the little witch swap.

If you think you would like to participate in the next swap, drop me a line!!

I will also post pics of all the little witches once I get them.

Monday, October 17, 2011

My Zombie Autumn

On Saturday afternoon at 4:45 pm the door bell rang and I jumped up from the couch, I just knew what was on the other side of the door.  A box....  A box for me.... A box for me from Missouri.... A box for me from Missouri with my Zombie!!

It was wrapped really well, I thought I was going to have to get a knife to cut it open. I ripped and tore at the plastic and tape to finally reveal the sketcher's box.  On top of the box was a folded up letter and a card.

This is what the folded letter said:

Dear Spring,

Thank you so much for taking care of my friend Autumn.

It all started back when Ken decided to spend the weekend with the GI Joe's down the hall.When he returned to the playroom, he was different.  He didn't seem to care about his outfits matching anymore and hardly left the dream house. Then we noticed that Barbie was acting strange. When Autumn went with Barbie one afternoon to try and help her with Ken, she started going through changes. She used to  have beautiful brown hair and blue eyes.  She always dressed so nice and would have never allowed her stuffing to show. Now, it is like she doesn't care at all. We then noticed a couple of the other toys acting the same way. Those of us who haven't gone through the change decided that something had to be done before it was too late. We sent Ken back to live down the hall to live with the GI Joe's, Barbie was sent to Goodwill, and the others are being sent to various homes were there aren't other toys to infect.

Its a big resposibility that you are taking on. Make sure she doesn't have contact with other toys becasue she could infect them.

Thank you and good luck!

Strawberry Shortcake

Meet Autumn...

I just have to say that I love, I mean LOVE my zombie Autumn!!  I even wanted to take her to school today!! Thanks so much Deanna!!  It was well worth the wait!!

All of my goodies!!!

Thank you again Deanne!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I Have To Admit...

I have to admit, that I really love putting videos and music together as well as slide shows.  It is especially easy on my Mac Book Pro.  And I have to admit, that my three nephews and little niece are the best video subjects I have.  I have to admit that if it makes my mom and their parents tear up a little bit, then it is a good video.  I have to admit, it really is a passion, a creative way to preserve these memories.

I hope you enjoy this video, it could probably use a little more work, but to those of us that it matters to, it is perfect.

I have to admit...

Little Witch Swap Rules

Ok, so everyone has her partner now.  So here are the rules...

  1. Please make you little witch a minimum of 8 inches tall.
  2. She can be made anyway you want.
  3. Make sure you include a note of some sort introducing you to your secret partner,  at least 3 tuck ins and some goodies.  If your partner has special circumstances, I already emailed those to you.
  4. When you mail your package, send it priority mail, you know the boxes you get form the post office that you can fill as full as you want for one price.  I found that the large box works just fine.  You will need a tracking number also. SO I think the total for this size box with tracking is $15.65. If your partner is local, if you want to deliver it, then by all means do so.
  5. If for some reason you can't send your little witch on time, let me know.
  6. Please email me the tracking number so I have it as well.
Thanks Ladies!!

Happy Little Witch making!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Swap--Little Witch---

I have decided to do a swap. I had so much fun doing the Zombie Swap, I think she needs a friend.  So here are the details...

Please send to

Email Address:

Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch?

What kind of treats do you like?

Your little Witch can be a turned  doll or any kind of medium you want.
You need to have a blog of some kind.
Each little witch needs to have at least three cutesy tuck-ins--

I will email your partner to you.

Sign up by October 7th and ship by October 25th.

Grab  Little Witch button for your blog, just right click and save as...