Sunday, August 29, 2010

Things in Life....

Wow, what a week it has been. Monday was opening institute. For those of you who don't know what opening institute is, it is pretty much training for staff at USDB before the new school year starts. Tuesday, was my last day of camp. I am still working with my kids from camp. B's family requested me to work with him for a few hours a week, which fits perfectly in to my schedule. And I will still work with K on Wednesdays and no school days.

Wednesday was the first day of school. Let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!! We have spent the week getting all the 6 kids in our class, schedules to work with all the main stream class schedules. We had early out as a school, unfortunately USDB kids had to stay full days.

The kids are awesome!! They are all deaf kids with hearing aids. We use spoken word, not sign language. But sometimes ASL is needed to help them understand what we are saying.

The teacher, Mrs. Clayton is wonderful!!! She works hard for these kids and only will do what is best for them.

But the coolest thing of all is....I get to teach too!! I have always wanted to be a teacher!! I wanted nothing more in my life besides being married and a mother.

The UEA weekend, I am going with my best friend Amanda and friend Holly to my other best friend Kelli's house in St. George and then we are going to Las Vegas!!! It is going to be so much fun!!!

I have to give a shout out to my sweet Mama who has spent all last week making clothes for me, when it is so hard for her because of her back, Thanks Mom!! I love you!!! You are the best!!

I am going to have her post on my blog, her "What the February" post....Its hilarious!!!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I'm Finally A Grownup!

It is official.... I am a grownup!!! I have a grownup job of working Monday-Friday 8-5, all holidays off!! I will be working as a teacher's assistant in a spoken word deaf 5th grade class at, are you ready for this..... GREEN ACRES!!!!

I am so excited, I can hardly stand it!! This is going to be so awesome!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today we went fishing. Today it rained. Put the two together and what do you get? Mud, water cold, no fish and whining.

So we went to Target and had hot chocolate in August.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Has Come, Summer is going

I am down to my last 4 days of camp. I look back to June 1st and I remember first thinking, "Ugh! its going to be a loooong summer camp", but then I got to thinking, "Ohhh yeah summer, good things happen during summer." So I think I am going to re-cap my summer and hopefully not bore you too bad.

  • May 28 was the last day of school and my short live employment at the Deaf and Blind School. Thank you budget cuts.

  • Amanda screwed up our play time by having to work at 5 am on Sunday mornings. And wouldn't you know it, she goes back to working Monday-Friday. (I love you my friend!!!)

  • June 1, Rise summer camp begins and I meet some really cool people.

  • The Dallas Koenemans arrive for 3 weeks of craziness, laughing at Dad stories, late nights, building an awesome 3 level tree house. And of course the visit wouldn't be complete with out the yearly family pictures with at least one kid acting up and not cooperating, not being able to find the shirt another kids was supposed to wear. Then saying our goodbyes after loading a wooden door wrapped in cardboard from a new toilet and sink, (courtesy of Amanda and Cat) strapped to the top of the mini van, a cedar chest in the trunk filled with tons of fabric. This took around 5 hours to do before they were finally on the road.

  • Four year old Toby standing on a rock in a swarm of mosquitoes in the middle of Colorado with his hands on his hips peeing and yelling "woooooohooooo!!" and feeling liberated.

  • Did I mention how freakin dark tan I am?? I have spent 3 months in the sun with summer camp. I have been swimming, sitting by the river, playing water games, riding the front runner to SLC, playing at the splash pad, making crafts.

  • Tomorrow we are FISHING!! I LOVE fishing!!! But I have a jacked up pole.... hmmm.

  • Drive-in!! I can't believe I forgot to mention the Drive-in! What is Summer time without going to the Drive-in.

  • Backyard Movie Nights

  • Working with Amanda and our moms to re-cover their kitchen chairs and table. A simple project that should have taken 1 day, instead supplies started walking off and extended the project to 4 weeks. They had the option to fish the chairs out of the Great Salt Lake or We offered to do a speedy drive by, throwing the chairs out the back of the truck with out a glance in their direction and then quickly speed away in to the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again. We delivered the last chair today.

  • My sweet little dogs. I look forward to coming home and being greeted by these awesome little creatures that my loving Heavenly Father has left in my care. As sit and write this, they are all in their spots on the bed stretched out sleeping.

  • The hope of finding a new love. I have my eye on someone and I am not sure he knows it. But the time is coming for the truth to come out. The End Of Summer Party on Aug 28!!
Wow the summer hasn't been a big disappointment at all!! I have new friends, I have had good times and laughter. And now I get to look for a new job that is worthy of my presence and unique skills.

Until my next posts!! I am looking for comments!!! Suggestions!! Anything!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Dear Fashion Industry

Dear Fashion Industry,

Yes I am fat, but that does not mean I want to wear big huge flowers or animal print all over me. Nor does it mean I want to see something that is cute and made for me on a thin model because it never looks like it does in the catalog on me.

Please remember that even though I am fat, I still need to wear clothes and that I still need and want to look nice.

Please take this under advisement.

Thank you.

Not All Men and Women

I have offended with my last post. I know that not all men and especially all women fall under the last topic. I was letting my frustrations out about the dating scene here and pretty much any where else in the United States. Unfortunately the Media and Hollywood have decided that less curves is better. And many people have fallen under the spell. I just want someone to give me a chance and see that I am just as good as the skinny girl.

Monday, August 16, 2010

What is it About Being Single and Fat in Utah??

I have been trying to figure out why being single and fat in Utah doesn't work, the Girls and I have come up with this conclusion....

Men want Trophy Porn Star wives ....Eye Candy to hang off their arm. They don't care if they can hold a conversation that consists of topics other than the latest fashion and reality show. What they haven't thought about a head of time because they are using something else to think with, is these lovely women will change with time. Once they start having babies, they are the pretty blonde porn star anymore and in fact sex will become a distant memory and the conversation won't get any better.

If they will realized that those of us who are lovely and voluptuous will offer them way more than the eye candy will.

We are fun, smart, have great sense of humors, most of us have a secondary education as well as some kind of formal training. We are sensitive and caring as well as not willing to take any crap off of anyone!! We love unconditionally.

These Utah Boys do not know what they are missing, nor have they taken the time to figure it out.

But I have news for you boys, you ain't gonna be all that in 20 years!!

Take a chance and get to know a fat girl!! I promise we are just as good as your porn star, if not better!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Girls Night Out: Oh What A Night!!

I have to say, I should have started this a long time ago. But what can you do? Live and learn. I had the most amazing night with 3 awesome women who I get to call my friends. It started out with my BFF Kelli, running late, not just a few minutes late but more like an hour and a half late. I actually almost left her. A-I-S Kelli!!! That is all I have to say. We met my other BFF Amanda and her friend from work Holly at the Clinton Wal-mart. We were going to a regional single adult activity. So far this summer they have been pretty cool. The activity was taking place to Boondocks Family Fun Center. We got to play miniature golf, laser tag and bumper boats.

We play golf first. There were tons of people there, so we had to wait at each hole. We got to do a lot of talking and laughing. We told peeing stories, ex-boyfriend stories, all kinds of things. It was so fun. Then it was time for laser tag! Now this a favorite activity of mine and Amanda's. This activity doesn't care if you are fat! There are lots of towers to hide behind. I will give you a little heads up when playing laser on the RED team!! Kelli was a little stressed about being shot at but we had a good time! Red team lost but I was the 2nd highest scorer!!

Then Holly wanted to do the Bumper Boats. Now we have seen what people looked like AFTER riding on these bumper boats. WET!! Amanda flat out said no way and she held our phones. Kelli was nervous about getting on the boats and it sinking under her weight. I too was nervous and really didn't feel like getting wet. Holly told us all to shut up and get on and Amanda was cutting us loose from the dock. Well to say the least it was a blast!!! We got wet but we rode those darn boats 4 times before Amanda said she needed to get home in order to get up at the dead hour for work.

My friends, this is just the beginning of the story!!!

We laughed all the way back to Wal-mart where my car was. Kelli and I had decided to do one of our traditions from when she lived here. We usually go to Freaky Dee's in Ogden, but some of us didn't want to go there so we settled on Village Inn. Amanda was going to go home and Holly was going to get her car and meet us at VI. But after the bet Kelli and Holly had, Amanda decided she wasn't going home. Her words "Oh, I'm not going home"

The Bet....
Names from here on out will be fictitious to protect the identity of the innocent and clueless. Those of us that were there, will know who I am talking about.

We have a friend Toby who is a very Metro-sexual man. Kelli told Holly she would pay her a $100 if she could kiss our friend Toby. She took the bet.

We were sitting around the table laughing and having a good time. We kept an eye on what Holly was going to do, but as the night progressed, the laughing continued and increased. She sent me a text saying she didn't think it was going to happen because we were laughing so much.

Who won the bet????

Well to say the least and to all of your disappointment, Kelli won and was just a little grateful she didn't have to pay the $100.