Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer Has Come, Summer is going

I am down to my last 4 days of camp. I look back to June 1st and I remember first thinking, "Ugh! its going to be a loooong summer camp", but then I got to thinking, "Ohhh yeah summer, good things happen during summer." So I think I am going to re-cap my summer and hopefully not bore you too bad.

  • May 28 was the last day of school and my short live employment at the Deaf and Blind School. Thank you budget cuts.

  • Amanda screwed up our play time by having to work at 5 am on Sunday mornings. And wouldn't you know it, she goes back to working Monday-Friday. (I love you my friend!!!)

  • June 1, Rise summer camp begins and I meet some really cool people.

  • The Dallas Koenemans arrive for 3 weeks of craziness, laughing at Dad stories, late nights, building an awesome 3 level tree house. And of course the visit wouldn't be complete with out the yearly family pictures with at least one kid acting up and not cooperating, not being able to find the shirt another kids was supposed to wear. Then saying our goodbyes after loading a wooden door wrapped in cardboard from a new toilet and sink, (courtesy of Amanda and Cat) strapped to the top of the mini van, a cedar chest in the trunk filled with tons of fabric. This took around 5 hours to do before they were finally on the road.

  • Four year old Toby standing on a rock in a swarm of mosquitoes in the middle of Colorado with his hands on his hips peeing and yelling "woooooohooooo!!" and feeling liberated.

  • Did I mention how freakin dark tan I am?? I have spent 3 months in the sun with summer camp. I have been swimming, sitting by the river, playing water games, riding the front runner to SLC, playing at the splash pad, making crafts.

  • Tomorrow we are FISHING!! I LOVE fishing!!! But I have a jacked up pole.... hmmm.

  • Drive-in!! I can't believe I forgot to mention the Drive-in! What is Summer time without going to the Drive-in.

  • Backyard Movie Nights

  • Working with Amanda and our moms to re-cover their kitchen chairs and table. A simple project that should have taken 1 day, instead supplies started walking off and extended the project to 4 weeks. They had the option to fish the chairs out of the Great Salt Lake or We offered to do a speedy drive by, throwing the chairs out the back of the truck with out a glance in their direction and then quickly speed away in to the sunset, never to be seen or heard from again. We delivered the last chair today.

  • My sweet little dogs. I look forward to coming home and being greeted by these awesome little creatures that my loving Heavenly Father has left in my care. As sit and write this, they are all in their spots on the bed stretched out sleeping.

  • The hope of finding a new love. I have my eye on someone and I am not sure he knows it. But the time is coming for the truth to come out. The End Of Summer Party on Aug 28!!
Wow the summer hasn't been a big disappointment at all!! I have new friends, I have had good times and laughter. And now I get to look for a new job that is worthy of my presence and unique skills.

Until my next posts!! I am looking for comments!!! Suggestions!! Anything!!!

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