Monday, August 16, 2010

What is it About Being Single and Fat in Utah??

I have been trying to figure out why being single and fat in Utah doesn't work, the Girls and I have come up with this conclusion....

Men want Trophy Porn Star wives ....Eye Candy to hang off their arm. They don't care if they can hold a conversation that consists of topics other than the latest fashion and reality show. What they haven't thought about a head of time because they are using something else to think with, is these lovely women will change with time. Once they start having babies, they are the pretty blonde porn star anymore and in fact sex will become a distant memory and the conversation won't get any better.

If they will realized that those of us who are lovely and voluptuous will offer them way more than the eye candy will.

We are fun, smart, have great sense of humors, most of us have a secondary education as well as some kind of formal training. We are sensitive and caring as well as not willing to take any crap off of anyone!! We love unconditionally.

These Utah Boys do not know what they are missing, nor have they taken the time to figure it out.

But I have news for you boys, you ain't gonna be all that in 20 years!!

Take a chance and get to know a fat girl!! I promise we are just as good as your porn star, if not better!!

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