Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Sweet....Ride

Even though totaling my car was not the plan I had, I know it was a blessing.  I went car shopping for a week, had several deals in place and then they didn't work out.  By the way, don't ever buy from Low Book Sales or have a loan with Prime Acceptance.  They are all owned by the same guy who is not honest in his dealings and doesn't keep his end of the bargain.  I believe his name is Ryan White...  So after he didn't keep his end of the agreement, I went to Larry H.Miller in Riverdale.  It took some work, but I got a car, and not just any car....  It is a brand new 2012 Dodge Caliber that had 3 miles on it.  It is so nice and comfy and of course smells so NEW!!!  One of the best the free 1 year trial of Sirrius Radio!! Woo Hoo!!!  And I get free carwashes when my sales person is working, which by the way He is so awesome!!  SO if you are looking for a new car, go see John Kramer at Larry H. Miller Chrysler/Dodge in Riverdale!!!  Plus the GM is also my Bishop...Who knew?

Meet Sassy
She is one HOT girl!!

So as of today when I got home from work, she had 1076 miles on her....( Sniff sniff tear)

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