Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A sweet...wreck

Well I can now let the cat out of the bag, for those of you who do not already know, I am adopting 2 awesome boys ages 10 and 12. They are the best things in the world! I just love them so much and I can't wait to become a little family. They don'tknow yet, but we will tell them soon.

Yesterday I was driving home from work, this 1998 truck slammed its breaks on in front of me and I couldn't slam mine on fast enough. How I walked away from this accident is a miracle of its self. I have sore shoulder and neck and now no car...which isn't good for my job since I work 40 minutes away. But thank goodness I was smart and added gap insurancea and car rental. Right now I am driving a 2012 Mazda 6 with 6200 miles on it. It is a sweet ride.... I really want one, but I will be lucky if I get anything with a decent payment or mileage to replace my heap of junk.


  1. Keep your head up! Hopefully shopping for a car won't take long, just make sure you get a vehicle with enough room for the boys. Also make sure that you get yourself checked out so that you are 100% when you get custody. Hopefully things start looking up soon!

  2. I'm glad the cat's out of the bag! I'm so glad you are okay!!!! God is definitely watching out for you!
    Love ya!

  3. I can't wait!!!! :) You'll be an awesome mom! And they are awesome boys.

  4. I just happened on your blog. I read about your accident. My husband is a Chiropractor, and I have been in 3 accidents myself. I hope that you will visit a Chiropractor. It sure sounds like you probably experienced a whip-lash! I know from experience that those kinds of accidents can seem like you are Okay, but in reality for later on you aren't. Just thought I would warn you if you had not already planned to see a Chiro! And good luck with your adoption plans. Best wishes always.