Monday, November 1, 2010

Another 70 minutes of my life on the phone with Tech Support

For over two weeks, I have been fighting with my new internet company. Now mind you, we have had the service for just a month. But since the I set it up, on September 17, I have paid over $140. At set up, they charged me $108, then refunded $50 of it, adjusted my rate to $40 a month. They called me and offered adding the "on the go " internet for $60. I couldn't do it then because I was in Vegas, but I promptly called them back when I got home and set it up. They sent me the wrong device. So I called and had to wait until it got here and then had to call again to get the right one. So I waited for that one.

Then I have to call again. Now is this 3rd or 4thh time I called? I have already lost count.

But wait a minute, I just got an email that said they were sending me another device? WTH?? I called again.

I was so excited when I got it and quickly hooked it up. Then it would not activate. Oh, I can not activate it because I owe another $20.12. I just paid $45 on the 18th of October. So I waited and paid the $20.12. I tried activating it, and yet it still would not activate. So I chatted someone for the 4th or 5th time too. Sorry, they can't help me after waiting 30 min to chat with a rep. I need to call in to tech support. So I call yet again... But it has to be before 10.

I get a Russian guy, who I can hardly understand. I decide to record the phone call. I can do that on my phone. I keep telling him there are no lights to look at, it has a screen. He just doesn't get it. He says in his Russian accent, "Ma'am, I not trying to fight you, I trying to help." Ok Spring, keep your cool. The guy can't help he is from another country. He's working right?

He has me check a setting. I tell him I am in the 3G network. Now who would have thought that being a part of the 3G network would be such a complicated thing? I mean it was hardly over a year ago, we all wanted to be part of the 3G network. And really, does anyone know what a 3G or 4G network is??? He says, (in his Russian accent again) "Oh, you need to be in the 4G network to activate" Its not WHT, its WTF?? Really???? I try to tell him in a calm collected voice, that I don't get 4G where I live. Russian accent "Oh you need to talk to the other tech support and you may not get thru, the close at 10 o'clock." Yep, great it is 9:57. Put me through man, and step on it!!

So I get through to the next level of text support, (whew...I wipe the sweat off my brow).
He can take care of it. He puts me on hold. Beeeeeeeeep.... I look at the phone. Double Damn, my phone dropped the call. Someone Please Kill Me!!! I had enough, I am going to bed so I can live to fight another day.

I have decided to take a break, I can't deal with talking to them right now. A few days pass and I get a bank alert with my balance. OMG WTH??? $36.24 short? My car payment is coming out in the morning. Screw chatting!! I am calling! I am livid!! Pissed with my head about to blow! The guy sets up a fraud ticket. Great, I don't see this going well. He says they will call me tomorrow. I so believe that one.

I get on chat and talk to yet another person with a job because I get another confirmati9on email that my device was sent out. AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! He makes me spill my tale for the billionth time. He checks thhe account and paraphrases back to me to let me know hhe understands and then the kicker.....HE CAN"T HELP ME, I NEED TO CALL IN!!!

So I wait until I drive home. She tried to help but in the end needs to transfer me and the lady at the end of the transfer won't help without the account holders permission. But I pay the bill with MY debit card. The rep tried to 3 way us and we were left sitting there listening to echos from the other room. She never calls back.

So, I make dinner and make my dad to call. So we can get the formalities out of the way.

After 70 min, I get a bill that is double what I started with, $25 credit and finally two services. and another lost moment of my already rapidly moving life!!

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