Monday, January 10, 2011

Out Of Control Biological Clock

And damn if my hiccups haven't started along with the ambien.

Back to this ticking time bomb, it is actually called my biological clock that is ticking and I mean ticking really loud.  I am surprised you all are not hearing it!

It is bad....really bad.  So bad that I am looking in to options and considering things my Bishop and Mother would not approve of.  Would God be that mean and keep me from having children even though I have not found a decent guy with the same values and beliefs.

I have longed to be a mother since I was a little girl.  I played with babies dolls, not Barbie dolls. I took care of all the babies in the ward and my cousins.  To this day  I would do anything for my cousin's babies, my nephews and niece.

So now the question remains, HOW DO I STOP THE CLOCK???????

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