Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another Year

Another year has passed... Sigh.

The biggest highlight of my birthday, aside from the awesome dinner my sister-in-law made, was all the birthday wishes from my many friends I have met over the years.  From the time I was a little school age girl until today. The messages start rolling in pretty early.  I think by the end of the night I had over 50 messages.  I tried to respond back to them all, but it became a little tough.

There was still one thing missing and even though it is a good thing that it is missing, I still had a little bit of sadness.  My used to be friend.  We always did cool things for our birthdays.

I think of her now and then, and wonder if she even cares that our friendship is over, I mean after all, she chose to end it first (over something another friend of hers did)  and then I ended it permanently.
But we all have our times in someone else's life.

So now I need to decide what I am going to accomplish this year.  I want to make it a great year, the best yet.

Oh I have a few hopes, but I can't accomplish those myself.  So I will work on the ones I can do myself.

1.  New car with better financing.

2. A job that realizes my potential and my worth....aka: a better paying job

3.  More friends to go out with.  I have a few, but I need more.

4.  To be happy while making changes in my life.

I have thought long and hard about my life and the direction it is going in.  I don't like it, so I am going to change it.


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