Thursday, July 24, 2014

Love Letter to the St. Louis Cardinals

Dear St. Louis Cardinals,
I just need to tell you how much I love you! I love watching your team members play baseball with the St. Louis Arch and skyline behind them. I love to watch as they run out on to the field, in their crisp white uniforms and red hats, it just makes my heart flutter.

The cheer of the crowd reminds me I am home, even watching from my own living room. I miss the old Bush Stadium.  I miss the smell of popcorn and hotdogs and the cool breeze flowing off the Mississippi River.

St. Louis is a baseball town through and through. There is always game day excitement. There is no baseball day excitement here in Salt Lake City, Utah. There is no anticipation of wearing the famous St. Louis Cardinal shirt for the game.

 I miss seeing your catcher, Yadier Molina in person. He is the greatest catcher of all time.  I have to follow him on Facebook to keep up with his accomplishments.
You will always be my beloved baseball team, even though I live so far away. No other baseball team will take your spot in my heart. I promise to always show my Cardinal spirit for you when you are in the playoffs and advanced to the World Series. I will never show support for another team in the World Series when you don’t make it.

I promise that when I come home to St. Louis to visit, if there is a home game I will be there, showing my love and support for you, my favorite team.

 Just remember my dear St. Louis Cardinals; I will always love you no matter what. I look forward to many World Series to come! St. Louis will always be my hometown and St. Louis Cardinals; you will always me my team!

Forever your love and fan,


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