Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11/2001---10 Years Later, Least We Forget...

As I sit and watch the many channels replaying the life changing 102 minutes and I read the blog posts of all my fellow bloggers, I feel as if I need to join them all and write of the nightmare our country suffered through. And even though the horrific moments were thousands of miles away, it still rattled me to the core.

I, just like many of the American people, still remember where and what I was doing.

It was a typical work day, my alarm went off and I heard the morning show on KULL 93 that all planes had been grounded. I quickly got up and ran upstairs to where my Aunt and Gram stood in awe at the site of the bellowing smoke in the New York skyline.

My brother was supposed to be flying back to Minot.

"Lori, something has happened..."

"We've been attacked"

I stood there in shock and watched like my family and the rest of the United States.

Some how, I managed to get ready for work.

At the time, I was grooming dogs. We had a tv in the shop and every chance we had, we were watching the continuous footage.

Of course for me and everyone I knew, life went on. I still prayed they would find survivors.

I often think of what it was like, what if I had been in the Twin Towers...  And I can not comprehend what it was like in New York.

Have we as a nation have become complacent? Have we let our guard down? The answer is YES, we have. We don't think it will happen again.

We receive 1000's of threats a day. So its not a matter of IF, but a matter of when.

So I am not going to complain about the extra time it takes me to get through the airport, or the fact that people who are not citizens need to carry their proper and legal docs with them, or that if law enforcement asks to see the paper work, I am not going to scream that its unfair.

Hey if we were in another country, we would be required to carry our passport. So what is the difference?

I show my support to the men and women who go out everyday risking their lives to protect our boarders, who risk their lives to rescue and assure our safety.

I will not forget!

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