Friday, September 2, 2011


I am so excited!!  I signed up for this Zombie Doll swap.  You get a partner and find out what she likes then, you make a zombie doll that you will send to her with a bunch of fun stuff tucked in the package. 

My mom and I went to the DI the other night and raided the dolls...

I found the best doll to "zombify"  I have her hair done, and now I need to work on her face details and clothes! She is going to be so cute!!!  I  am even picking a name out for her!!

I will post pictures later after the swap is complete!!

My nephews and niece should be walking in the door any minute now. They have been gone for 3 months and I miss them so much!!  So I am sitting here in 3rd hour watching the time drag on, of course this is the longest runs 1 hour and 5 min when the rest of the classes run 40 min.

 Ok, so I must admit, I do like working with the teacher I am with. She is fun and just as sarcastic and crazy as I am. And the heat wave is over for now,  it is cooler in the school...finally! 

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