Monday, October 18, 2010

Ode to Beverly From Italy

What a weekend!! Fun, Fun and more fun with a touch of drama but that was a minuet point.

Friday we did a session at the St. George Temple. It was a full and I mean FULL session. I was sweating bullets the whole time. It felt like my very first session. I need to make a point to go more. Amanda and Holly, I am holding us to the once a month Temple date. Then we hit Vegas. We had dinner at P.F Changs and it was delicious!!!! So good!!

Saturday was our last day in Vegas. We decided to go see a few more hotels and play a few more slots before heading back to St. George. We checked out the MGM Grand, played a few machines then had lunch at a slightly more expensive McDonalds. Afterwards we headed out to the Strip. There were a few shops we wanted look at as well as heading over to New York New York. First we went in to the M&M store. All I have to say is it is a very good thing I showered and used deodorant. There were so many people in that store that if I even wanted to buy something, I would have been there until the 2nd Tuesday of next week. So as quickly as we walked in, slow as molasses we walked out. We checked out the Oxygen bar. I really wanted to try this legal feel good but I couldn't bring myself to pay $30 to breath air. So we went to the Coke store.

And this is where we met Beverly of Italy.

To be continued....

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