Saturday, October 2, 2010

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I am re-posting a post my mom wrote for her blog. It is so hilarious and so my life....

Friday, August 27, 2010

WHAT THE FEBRUARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was going to be a peaceful Thursday evening. My sweet hubby was back on his shift (12 hr 7pm-7am).

I was just going to lay on the bed and watch T.V. it was going to be so relaxing..............................

Suddenly "MOM MOM I have nothing to wear to work tomorrow what am I going to do??? ".

GRRREat I have already been sewing for her for the last week but thats ok I enjoy it. So I get up and go into my favorite room to sew. I am working on the project and I can't keep my eyes open my head actually bobbed at the sewing machine. I looked at the clock it was 6:40 pm. My husband had already been gone for an hour. It was early my favorite shows were not even on yet. I tried but I just could not sit there. I told my daughter I was sorry but I had to lay down. I went in took a shower and put all my little dogs on the bed and crawled in. It was so comfy. I was gone.

I always sleep with the T.V. on when my husband works nights, don't know why I just do. Goodness knows no one would dare come into this house with 3 huge poodles waiting to help them carry and load any thing they wanted.

I woke to an awful noise the dogs went crazy, I had to clear my head so I could figure out what the February was going on. I looked at the clock it was 1AM . The noise change and got louder. I got out of bed and went out into the hall. I still was groggy the dogs would not quiet . I found myself yelling " SHUT UP DOGS SHUT UP!!!!!! Finally after my own out burst I was aware enough to see that a piece of card stock paper had been caught in a fan that got left on outside my daughters bedroom door.

At the same time she got up and said"What is wrong with those dogs and why are you yelling?'' (The noise is now louder)

" There is something caught in the fan" I said She stumbles out to the hall and takes care of the fan clearing it out, goes to the bathroom then returns to bed. The 3 poodles and I just stand there.

Next thing I know the dogs are gone back to bed, I'm alone and WIDE AWAKE! That's why I am writing this now. I guess I'll go watch Infomercials. YAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH.

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