Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Rock Hounding

I looked in total amazement at the view from the top of a million or more year old volcanic rock.  Vast openness, to what used to be the ocean but now has turned in to desert. My aunt shows me a teeny tiny seashell she found, which proves the ocean theory. 

Utah is a great place for rock hounding. When it rains, it washes more stones to the surface.

We found topaz, sun stone, and obsidian.  I look at them and wonder how many millions of years old they are.

Its hot but a nice breeze.  We head over to Topaz mountain which is where I have been waiting to go.  I love topaz.  But first we stop at an abandoned mine in the side of the mountain. Its really neat and cool. We are walking along the tunnel and you can see sun light at the end. We look close at everything, trying to figure out what they were mining here.  Topaz.  There is vein of topaz right above our heads. I shine the light on it and it sparkles. We also found a funny purple kind of rock that is dense, not sure what it is but its pretty.

But we were not the only ones in the tunnel...

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