Saturday, August 20, 2011


I just want to scream!  I want to scream that it isn't fair!  I want to scream, why???  Why did a 15 year old boy have to die?  I know our Father in Heaven has plans for us, and I know that our choices always have a consequence. But I just want to know why he had to be the one.

My long time friends lost their oldest son yesterday.  He made a choice.  The details are still a little sketchy and are from a family member, who unfortunately doesn't live close.  She is just passing on what she has been told.

I find my thoughts going back to the news and it makes me cry, my heart hurt and realize how fragile life is.

I know there is a reason things happen. But I still have to ask why.

I can't imagine what his mother and father are going through.  I NEVER want to know what they are going through.

Getting a phone call that your child is gone. Not believing what you are hearing. You can't stand, you sink to the floor screaming. Its not supposed to happen this way.  You shouldn't have to think about making the final arrangements for your child.

I pray for my friends, I pray for the three younger brothers, that they can make it through this time of sorrow.  I pray that they remember they have a Heavenly Father to turn to for comfort. I pray they find peace and the pain eases. I pray that they remember the good times.

I pray.

Rest in Peace Hayden Almer  March 3, 1996 to August 18,2011

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